Hydronic floor heating


Many people have long appreciated the convenience and benefit of the additional heating of their homes as warm floors with pex tubing. Currently, pex radiant heating in the apartment is no longer a rarity. Especially true in the use of underfloor our latitudes. As is known, the harsh winter in Canada, and some regions of high humidity creates in apartments and houses damp and uncomfortable. Install a hot water floor, for example, from Zurn, you can be sure that your kids get cold, playing on it, and the room will be comfortable and, most importantly, very warm!

Principle, which is used in the manufacture of floor heating, was opened by humanity long ago. In ancient Rome, baths, hot air, which was held on special channels, warmed floors of stone. Today, in many European countries popular system of warm water floor. This is mainly the Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and others. Your apartment, if it is installed radiant heating manifolds or another reputable manufacturer, can already be considered elite. Previously heated floors equipped primarily bathrooms and toilets, but quickly appreciate the advantages of floor heating, many people began to install it in all the rooms of their homes and apartments.

PEX tubing have huge advantages over other types of hydronic floor heating systems. The first thing to note - the large area of pex heating surface. Because of this, your apartment will heat much faster than conventional batteries. In addition, the room will be heated evenly. In the presence of floor heating, heating comes from below, causing the air temperature at the level of human head lower by about three degrees. Such a temperature is considered the most beneficial to health. Warm floor very hygienic, while maintaining optimum humidity level in the room.

Warm floors are water and electric. Mistake assume that half the water can only be set in the cottages. Installed in homes through its connection to the central heating system, coordinating pre with relevant housing authorities. Floor Heating water can be used as a primary source of heat.

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