Our company produces a variety of works on installation of PEX pipes, gas boilers, tankless water heaters in the privite and residential homes.


Floor Heating Installation
Zurn are innovator of modern underfloor heating systems via PEX tubing.

Plumbing Services
Now water line installation are most often plumbing PEX, well established in various operating conditions.

Radiant Heating Design
Performs the design, calculation and installation of various radiant heating for a country house.

About Heating and Plumbing

It is easy to guess that this is the main activity of our company. With extensive theoretical and practical experience, we will take over all the tasks associated with radiant floor heating a private home or cottage, or any other object, such as an office building, green energy house or warehouse - in the latter case, for example PEX tubing, the most profitable alternative to air forced heaters. We try to "turn-key", ie to perform the complete cycle of works on any object - from radiant heating design to installation of hydronic floor heating systems, supplies and maintenance of the system is mounted.