Air conditioning


Installation of air conditioning.

Installation of air conditioning is dependent on many factors. The main thing is the process of installation of air conditioning, which can be radically different depending on the type.

  • Installation of window air conditioners.
  • Installation of floor-to-ceiling air conditioners (AC cantilever)
  • Installation of air conditioners cluster
  • Installation of ducted air conditioners (split - channel-type systems)
  • Installation of central air conditioners (complex air conditioning systems)
  • Installation of VRV-VRF systems (VRF-systems)
  • Installation of chiller-fan coil (set chiller, water communications, individual terminal units of different types)
  • Installation of split - wall-mounted systems (household AC wall type).
1.Installation window air conditioners

The installation of this type of air conditioner does not require high qualifications. Window air conditioners are monoblock, including evaporators and condensers (two types of heat exchangers), compressor, controls, fans. All the components are connected in a small enclosure, power supply, often being integrated in the appliance. Accordingly, for the installation of window type air conditioner requires a person with the skills of a carpenter or builder. The most difficult - to set the air conditioner in the window, the wall, the window opening. By the standards of installation window air conditioner is for 1 - 2 hours.

2. Installation of floor-to-ceiling air conditioner

Installation of floor-to-ceiling air conditioner or air conditioning console type differ from the usual installation sposobut split - system that the indoor unit is mounted on a low wall from the floor or the ceiling.

3. Installation of air conditioners cluster

Installation of air conditioners vary cluster installation indoor cassette split - system and attached to the suspended ceiling. In addition to professional services for installation of air conditioners require the services of artists who cut out the necessary holes in the ceiling. Cassette indoor unit air conditioners have built a pump to lift water and samotokom diverting drainage, mounted on the pipeline in the bathroom or outside.

4. Installation of air conditioning duct

Channel air-conditioner installation involves installation of internal and external power split - system and divorce air into the room, installation of diffusers in some projects as the installation of ventilation. Installation of the indoor unit air conditioner duct, often carried out in a hidden room - utility room, closet or hallway for a false ceiling. Drainage from the indoor unit to play in a bathroom or on the street. Vozduhootvodyaschie elements conditioner flexible duct or sheet metal. When you move the air in the room is used away from heat ducts, use of premises neteploizolirovannye ducts on hand - isolated.

5. Installation of central air conditioners.

As with most other difficult-conditioning systems, installation of central air conditioning precedes the creation of the project, which takes into account areas, heat leakage, the necessary system settings konditsinirovaniya. Since the major air conditioning - very individual system, consisting of multiple sections with different tasks, then the installation of such a system can only be done by qualified craftsmen. As the coolant heat exchanger cooling section of central air conditioner can be used Freon kompresorno condensing unit or chiller (water cooling machine).

6.Install VRV-systems, VRF-systems

Now the scope of VRF-systems is very high - they are used in buildings of over 100,000 square meters, the number of indoor units can be up to 100 pieces, many of VRF system can be connected to one network (the number of indoor units can be up to 250 pieces). MCA systems are inherent features: maximum distance Refrigerant pipe length (the distance between the indoor unit and outdoor units) can be 100 meters, while the distance between the vertical blocks can be up to 50 meters. When installing the ICA systems piping length is large enough. Installing VRV-system (VRF-systems) requires excellent professional qualifications of installers. When installing the VRF-system accommodates the outdoor unit in a convenient location at random: the roof, basement.

7. Installation of chiller-fan coil

System installation, chiller fan coil differ in that instead HCF highways laid water pipes. Naturally, the installation work unit must be preceded by the creation of the project.

8.Install split - wall-mounted systems (household AC wall type).

Setting the split - systems much more complicated set of window air conditioners. For the installation of this type of air conditioner requires specialized advanced tools (drills for drilling walls, rolling for tube connecting blocks, vacuum pump for traces). Installation of split - system provides a team of two artists, the installation of approximately 2-3 hours. Stage of readiness for installation procedure room air conditioner wall type can be divided into:

  • Installation in a room with a complete renovation
  • Installation of air conditioning in the room under repair

The main task is installation of air conditioning, without damaging the finish, and install air conditioning so that the communications were minimally visible. Installation of air conditioning in the room under repair freon line tucked away in Stroebe, and installation split - system is divided into: "preset" - shtrobleniya walls, installation of the outdoor unit and installation of closed block, vacuum, run the system at the final step of repairing the premises.

The cost of the air conditioner depends on: Type air conditioner Power conditioner Length line Availability of additional work (copper welding, cabling, installation protection of outdoor unit) Difficulties in carrying out the work - high-altitude work, service climber.

Departure engineer

In any case, before the installation you have to come to a technician who will help you select the optimum layout of indoor and outdoor units and communications, will calculate the exact cost of installation. The price always includes installation cost of all supplies.

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